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Create and design your own web animations in HTML5


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Now that the HTML5 standard has become one of the most widely-used languages for all web design, Google has created the Google Web Designer app to help you easily design all kinds of online animations and banners.

There are two ways to build your animations using its intuitive interface and collection of design tools: Quick mode, which uses a series of templates and an assistant to help you out, or Advanced mode, which has more options for personalization. This flexibility makes it a great tool for both professional web designers as well as people who want to create their own ads, banners, or animations, but don't have the necessary programming skills.

Web Designer's editing environment is capable of managing 3D content, and even allows you to convert regular images into 3D. Its visual interface also enables you to alternate between the design side and the code side while you work, so you can see your changes in realtime.

A great advantage of using Google Web Designer is that the ads that you design will be viewable from any device, no matter its hardware or web browser: computer, smartphone, or tablet, it doesn't matter. HTML5 is compatible with all types of devices, so you just need to adapt your result so that it can adjust its size for different screen resolutions.

This program can also import elements from other design suites, and has illustration tools available to help you achieve better results.

Google Web Designer makes it easy for you to publish your results on any platform. If you've made an ad, you can choose between DoubleClick Studio, AdMob, or any other ad network without needing to code anything.